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Urge legislators to vote "Nay" on HB 2194
(legalizing the home cultivation of cannabis)

Support HB 2320 by asking legislators to vote "Aye"
Bill concerns high THC cannabis products.

2023 WASAVP Legislative Report


As we prepare for the 2024 legislative session, we are excited about the important legislation that WASAVP helped get

passed during the 2023 Washington State Legislative Session. Click the PDF button to see what WASAVP accomplished

in the 2023 legislative session.

Oftentimes, it is even more important to note the bills that did not pass. In the last legislative session, WASAVP helped the effort to ensure that these bills did not pass the Legislature:

  • HB 1822 - Concerning complimentary products provided by short-term rental operators to guests.

  • HB 1822 - Concerning distribution by short-term rental operators of complimentary cannabis products for guests.

  • SB  5363 - that would let each jurisdiction decide how large they will allow cannabis advertising to be.

  • SB 5377 -  Concerning cannabis license ownership. This measure would allow out of state investors to own cannabis business in Washington State. This measure is - and continues to be - in direct violation of promises made by proponents of passing Initiative 502 which legalized recreational cannabis in Washington State in 2012.

WASAVP's legislative education and advocacy efforts are supported entirely by memberships and donations. Please consider renewing your membership or becomes a new member today. We offer many membership options for individual advocates, coalitions and community organizations. Click here to learn more. We very much appreciate your support.

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