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Drug Free

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Washington Association for Substance Misuse And Violence Prevention (WASAVP) is to unite prevention advocates in Washington State to create safe and healthy communities through preventio of substance misuse and violence.

WASAVP Operation Definition of Prevention:

With respect to human services, prevention consists of methods or activities that seek to reduce or deter specific or predictable problems, protect the current state of well-being, or promote desired outcomes or behaviors.
The term "prevention" is used to represent activities that stop an action or behavior, whic
h are applied at a population and/or community level. It can also be used to represent activities, strategies and policies that promote a positive action or behavior. Research has found that successful factors to ensure the well-being of children, families and communities.
Adopted by WASAVP Board of Directors, September 28, 2018.

Board of Directors:

Linda Thompson

M.A. CPP, Executive Director, Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council (GSSAC) WASAVP Founding Member
Linda Thompson
Steve Freng
Co-Vice President

Psy.D., MSW, CEO Community Network Services, Inc.
Steve Freng
Mike Graham-Squire
Co-Vice President
Certified Prevention Professional, SE Seattle
Ramona Leber

Prevention Advocate/Community Mobilizer, Southwest Region, WASAVP Founding Member
Ramona Leber
Lisa Stewart
Past President
Lisa Stewart
Priscilla Liscich
Priscilla Lisicich
Psy.D., MSW, CEO Community Network Services, Inc. WASAVP founding member
Scott Waller
Scott Waller

Our Policy Pillars

WASAVP is recognized as the lead voice for state and national advocacy and essential stakeholder in matters of substance abuse and violence prevention in Washington State.



Environmental:  WASAVP strives to be among the first stakeholders to be approached by individuals and organizations engaging in conversations, meetings and/or programs that address substance abuse and violence prevention.


They do this by seeking partnerships with individuals and organizations that have policy oversight and/or administrative authority in substance abuse and violence prevention. 


WASAVP's "idealized" policy positions are the development and implementation of a comprehensive prevention strategy as well as a fully realized prevention"infrastructure" in every county and community.


Funding:  In order to preserve and increase substance abuse and violence prevention funding, WASAVP tracks and advocates for federal, state and local funding potentials, with tthe goal of prevention standing as a line item at all levels. 



From this position among prevention professionals and policy makers, WASAVP should encourage colleagues to become articulate in advocating for substance abuse and violence prevention. This can be achieved by providing technical assistance and supporting political activism among colleagues.


To increase WASAVP's capacity-building abilities, it will seek partnerships and collaborations with diverse groups of organizations and individuals with similar missions.


WASAVP should also establish a public, statewide and national profile utilizing various media to promote advances in prevention policies and programs. 

2024 Legislative Priority Areas
  • Promote sufficient and sustained state funding for community-based prevention and early intervention services.
  • Restrict and regulate access by minors to cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, and vaping products.
  • Advocate for prevention, public health, and safety in community and education settings.
  • Promote solutions with potential to reduce impact of alcohol and other drugs in traffic crashes.
  • Increase participation of prevention and public health in state policy development related to cannabis, illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and vaping, prevention, public health, mental health, and community safety.
  • Click here to see WASAVP's 2023 Legislative Report
For more information contact:
Linda Thompson, WASAVP President, or Scott Waller, Legislative Liaison,
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